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Rosewood Furniture™ Company is one of the leading furniture manufacturers & exporters of Pakistan, known for creating timeless furniture that is practical, beautiful and stays relevant even as your taste and lifestyle changes.


Rosewood Furniture™ was founded in 1958, presenting superior quality furniture & handicrafts, with diligent craftsmanship and durability so that Rosewood furniture will still look beautiful for years to come.
Since wood is the main component, We focus on how its used to make fine quality furniture. Only the finest rosewood is chosen, characterized by its deep grains and beautiful curls that form quality of wood and the look of grains at its best. From the stock of well figured premium quality rosewood timber to the packaging process, All products are designed, engineered, manufactured & packed to strict quality standards. As we believe that the quality of our products and commitment to customer satisfaction is the best in business. We have over 40 years of experience exporting our goods to all over the world in major countries.


At Rosewood Furniture™, our mission is to offer quality modern style, antique, modern classic to new age & home/office/garden furniture and to support it with excellent management and customer services. With craftsmanship of 350 highly skilled artisans & fully equipped latest German machineries including state-of-the-art seasoning plants, Our two factories are working in Karachi (Sindh Province) and two in Punjab Province of Pakistan.
Head office & Display center is located in Hockey Club, Karachi, Pakistan.
Branch office & Display center is in Tauheed Commercial D.H.A Karachi, Pakistan.
Branch office & Display center is also located in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
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We welcome you to browse our Online Catalog that expresses a sense of quality & value, excellence is observed in every aspect of furniture making.


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One of the fine longitudinal cross-grains solid wood is known as Rosewood. In local language people calls it "Shesham". It is used to make premium quality furniture & handicrafts. This wood is available in the form of densed jungles in northern areas of Pakistan. Shesham is an erect deciduous tree native to Pakistan, the temperature in its native range averages 10-40 C, but varies from just below freezing to nearly 50. It can withstand average annual rainfall up to 2000 mm and droughts of 3-4 months. The age of Rosewood trees are between 60-100 years. Most tallest size of the tree reaches upto is 120 feet, Diameters vary widely reaching up to 5-6 feet.

Shesham is best known internationally as a premier timber species of the rosewood genus. However, Shesham is also an important fuel wood, shade, and shelter. With its multiple products, tolerance of light frosts and long dry seasons, this species deserves greater consideration for agro forestry applications. After teak, it is the most important cultivated timber tree in the world. It is also available along the lakes and river banks in Punjab Province of Pakistan.

In Asia this wood is only available in Pakistan, although there are many fine Rosewood (timbers) are available around the world but you will not find solid cross grains which appears on the wood in a brilliant way. It is beautiful & durable as well as from the features and benefits of Rosewood furniture that makes it a pleasure to live with.


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